Automation from a single source

Our motivation

Mechanical engineering companies often employ a wide variety of teams, for example to set up the machine, wire drives and sensors, develop and commission PLC and HMI programs and connect process control systems. This classic SCADA approach still has its right to exist today, and rightly so. However, as soon as it comes to connecting level 3 or even 4 of the automation pyramid, some PLC developers or visualizers find it very difficult to implement the customer’s requirements. Of course, modern control systems are capable of fulfilling these tasks. However, if there are additional wishes on the part of the customer and his employees, such as modern and location-independent as well as smart and device-independent work, then there is no longer a way around the use of modern web technologies. At this point mirror software such as TeamViewer, RDP or VNC is mostly used. But these solutions are not really convenient on a smartphone. And parallel work is usually not possible as a result.

Here we come into play

We are happy to accept your tasks, analyze them and develop the right control and visualization program for you, right up to the cloud. We attach great importance to the fact that developed programs are reusable and can only be adapted by reconfiguring a system. Dynamic peripheral assignment, adding bus participants at runtime, adapting process images via drag & drop, hiding unused options and changing and adapting the menu navigation without reprogramming are part of our standard when creating your programs. Our goal is to turn every conceivable automation task into a series.

We also have an electrical department that can take over the creation of the circuit diagrams, the construction of the switchgear and the installation tasks on site.

All from a single source.

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