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Loading measurement selections

Update: Measurements/Counters – Saving selections

Measurement selections can now be saved and restored at any time. This makes it possible to get the desired information faster. Time periods can be saved in absolute or relative terms.

New screen mirroring

Screen mirroring optimization

SolidBlue makes it possible to view and operate the screen of connected MELARECON devices live. Above all, this supports the service staff in helping the customer on site. In SolidBlue’s latest update, screen mirroring has been revamped with new features.

Logistics stakes around animal nutrition

SolidBlue: Open data interface

SolidBlue stands for openness. Universal data interfaces make it possible to receive, save, display and evaluate data of any kind. This enables you to view data from different systems in their entirety. Operation is also made easier because switching between different providers, platforms and apps is avoided. The possibilities SolidBlue offers you are shown in this article using a concrete example.

Display of measured values from different periods (the example shows room temperatures and illuminance from two different weeks)

SolidBlue: Measured values – logging and display

Measured values received from the MELARECON devices can be conveniently analyzed. SolidBlue enables the display of a wide variety of measured values from all connected devices in one chart. It is also possible to display measured value data from different time periods in one diagram.

Support ticket system

SolidBlue: Integrated support/ticket system

On SolidBlue, the dealer or system installer and his customers have an integrated, lean support/ticket system at their disposal. This can support the system installer and its customers with many functions.