Climate controller for pigs

Climate control for up to 16 compartments

MELARECON PDFV is an extremely user-friendly automation system for all types of pig barns, with which you have complete control over all climate processes in the barn. It takes over the regulation and control for up to 16 compartments, as well as central processes such as central exhaust air, supply air shutter, central aisle heating and/or cooling and much more. By networking further climate controllers, the system can be expanded as required. Modern ventilation methods, such as controlling the blinds in outdoor climate houses, are also supported. Thanks to the full touchscreen operation, the system can be operated intuitively and clearly. The MELARECON PDFV can be operated remotely without using gateways or additional software options. The MELARECON system also enables direct and location-independent networking via the SolidBlue cloud.

MELARECON PDFV controls and monitors all climate processes

Full house idea in the pigsty

There is more to do in a pigsty than providing the perfect climate. In this context, MELARECON PDFV already stands for: “Pigs, Dry Feeding and Ventilation”. We are already working on expanding the climate controller into one of the first full house barn computers for pigs. In this way, all aspects are perfectly coordinated: climate, feed, water, light and more.

Feed and water

Feed and Water

Whether simple chain conveyor system or complex multi-phase feeding. MELARECON PDFV provides the animals with dry feed and monitors consumption. Monitoring of whether the animals are drinking enough is also included.


Animal welfare is paramount in modern animal husbandry. In this way, MELARECON PDFV automatically conveys fresh straw into the barn every day.

Bedding system

Always everything in view

Comprehensive management

MELARECON PDFV has a comprehensive management system. Feed and water consumption can be analyzed directly on the device. It is also possible to display each measured value as a graph.

Cloud management on SolidBlue

MELARECON PDFV automatically sends all management data to your personal cloud storage on SolidBlue. You can easily evaluate all performance data, trend recordings and statistics via the SolidBlue portal and compare them across locations. If you identify a need for optimization, you can also make the right setpoint changes on the same platform.