Full house control system for poultry

All-in-one system

MELARECON PB is an extremely user-friendly and all-encompassing automation system for any type of poultry house, giving you complete control over all processes. It regulates, controls and monitors all barn processes such as climate, feeding, water, lighting, animal weighing and much more. Thanks to the full touchscreen operation, the system can be operated intuitively and clearly. The MELARECON PB can be operated remotely without using gateways or additional software options. The MELARECON system also enables direct and location-independent networking via the SolidBlue cloud.

MELARECON PB controls and monitors all barn processes

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The perfect barn climate is created by using the right sensors. MELARECON PB offers a perfect balance of ventilation, heating and cooling. On the basis of temperature, humidity and negative pressure, the optimal interaction of all control processes is determined depending on the age and weight of the animals. CO2 and NH3 content can also be measured. A weather station takes wind strength and wind direction into account.

Water control

Drinking water is just as important as feed. MELARECON PB monitors the water consumption and informs you immediately in the event of deviations.


MELARECON PB controls the feed supply of the animals and records the feed quantities fully automatically. Use the recorded quantities as an indicator of animal health.

Animal weighing

It is important to be able to closely monitor the growth of the animals. MELARECON PB offers solutions for automatic animal weighing. It shows you the average weight, uniformity and distribution of the animals in a group.


Each type of barn requires special lighting that meets the needs of the animals. MELARECON PB controls and regulates these and influences the day and night rhythm. The color of the light can also be controlled by MELARECON.

Nest control

The nests can also be controlled and monitored with the MELARECON PB. In conjunction with various light controls, the animals can be guided to another floor.

Outlet hatches

Granting animals access to nature is state of the art today. MELARECON controls the outlet hatches and automatically switches the ventilation to equal pressure.


Continuous bedding is automated with the patented BeddingPoint system. MELARECON PB takes over full control of this system.

One MELARECON for every poultry farm

Broiler house

MELARECON PB: for broilers, turkeys and ducks

The MELARECON PB is suitable for poultry houses with broilers, turkeys or ducks in floor systems. All aspects are coordinated perfectly and depending on the age of the animals: climate, feed, water, lighting and animal weighing.

Layer house

MELARECON PB+: for laying hens and free-range rearing

MELARECON PB+ is used in poultry houses with layers or in aviary and free-range rearing. Such barns are often equipped with an outlet and a covered conservatory. It is important that the layers are back in the systems in good time. The color of the lighting can also often be adjusted dynamically. All aspects are perfectly coordinated: climate, feed, water, lighting, nest control, exercise areas and animal weighing.

Breader house

MELARECON PB++: for breaders and breeding

When keeping breaders, additional feeding requirements are often made. With the MELARECON PB++ it is possible to implement a special container feeding. This enables more than just the rationing of feed and can prepare different feed mixtures for e.g. cocks and hens. All aspects are perfectly coordinated: climate, feed, water, lighting, nest control, exercise areas and animal weighing.

Always everything in view

Comprehensive management

MELARECON PB has a comprehensive management system. Feed and water consumption as well as the weight development of the animals can be analyzed directly on the device. It is also possible to display each measured value as a graph.

Cloud management on SolidBlue

MELARECON PB automatically sends all management data to your personal cloud storage on SolidBlue. You can easily evaluate all performance data, trend recordings and statistics via the SolidBlue portal and compare them across locations. If you identify a need for optimization, you can also make the right setpoint changes on the same platform.