With the analog input module, up to 16 analog inputs 0-10V or 0..20mA can be recorded using a switchable burden. Twelve channels can also be used to record PT1000 sensors. The temperatures are measured using 3-wire detection and thus guarantee no need for adjustment up to a length of 100m.

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16 channel analog input card for 0..10V, 0..20mA, resistors or PT1000.

on DIN rail housing

The modules are simply connected to the MELARECON mainboard using a 20-pin flat cable. The connection terminals are pluggable and thus enable quick replacement in the event of service.

Count of channels16 / 12x PT1000
Input signals0..10V, 0..20mA, Ohm, PT1000
Dimensions moduleWidth: 110mm x Height: 90mm
Dimensions DIN rail housingWidth: 120mm x Height: 130mm
Overview Features

Two modules can be connected to the MELARECON. This means that up to 32 analog inputs can be read. A load can be switched on for each channel using a dip switch to enable current measurement. In order to configure one of the first 12 channels for the PT1000 measurement, it is only necessary to change a jumper. A lot of space can be saved for accommodating the modules in an electronics housing by stacking the individual modules.

MELARECON IO modules stacked
Space-saving installation of the modules possible by stacking.

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