Universal light computer

Optimal lighting conditions

In modern poultry husbandry, current research clearly shows that the right lighting in stables has a major impact on species-appropriate husbandry and economic success. The selection of suitable and flicker-free lamps is part of the state of the art. With the rapidly increasing energy costs, the use of LEDs is also indispensable for profitable operation. Studies also show that the color spectrum has to be chosen differently for each breed. For example, a spectrum should be selected for chickens that can be found at the edge of a forest and in a meadow. Turkeys, on the other hand, tend to live in the shady forest.

The MELARECON Lighting makes it possible to configure a wide variety of scenes from different lighting colors and put them together appropriately using a daily schedule, depending on the age of the animals. It is therefore possible to direct laying hens to the right nests by using different lighting phases. The color spectrum can also be variably configured, which makes it possible to allow the animals to rest.


Functions of the MELARECON Lighting

Simple networking

Networking several stables MELARECON Lighting

One computer for several stables

MELARECON Lighting has a bus system that can be used to quickly and easily network several barns with each other. This saves money and time

Interaction with MELARECON PB

Cooperation with climate controller

MELARECON Lighting can also be used in combination with MELARECON PB. Here, the MELARECON Lighting uses the inputs and outputs of the individual climate controllers. The actual day of the individual ventilation controllers are automatically synchronized with the light controller.

Always everything in view

Cloud management SolidBlue with light controller

Cloud management on SolidBlue

MELARECON Lighting automatically sends all management data to your personal cloud storage on SolidBlue. This enables remote access to your systems. It is also possible to relate evaluations from lighting and, for example, room climate. This is even possible across locations.