Connect your MELARECON


You have access to your systems in the SolidBlue portal. Here you can carry out evaluations, check and change settings and set notifications and limit values.


You administer your customers in the portal for dealers or system installers. You have access to your individual ticket system. You have the possibility to help your customers remotely at any time and many other functions. Here you can also change your individual design for your customers.


With the developer portal you can write your own applications or edit templates and customize them to your liking. Here you can develop suitable applications for your own MELARECON projects.

Automation platform SolidBlue

A consistant
automation concept from a single source

SolidBlue offers the possibility to operate and monitor MELARECON devices remotely via the web. The platform offers solutions to automatically save and evaluate the fault messages, measured values and consumption data configured on the MELARECON without further configuration. The overall concept is perfect for series automation tasks and still offers the possibility of making project-specific adjustments.

Dashboard views Ventilation overview

An overview of our services

From the idea to the finished solution. The way there is often very long and requires many small individual steps. We offer you a solution from the control device to the HMI to the cloud.

hardware development

With the MELARECON we have developed a ready-to-use control solution with a direct connection option to SolidBlue. Modular I/O modules can simply be plugged in according to customer requirements. If this is not enough, the MELARECON has two CANOpen connections. The devices we have developed have already been EMC tested.


Embedded software design

HMI directly on the machine using a 10.1 inch touch display. This can be connected directly to the MELARECON. We will develop the right control and visualization program for the MELARECON for you. You benefit from a variety of functionalities that have always been standard with us.

Responsive Design

Web-based visualization

You can keep an eye on your systems from anywhere in the world and with any end device. The use of the latest web technologies enables the sending of push notifications, the realization of offline operation and the installation of the app without dependencies on app stores. All this with the latest security technologies. We create the appropriate visualization for your MELARECON project.

Cloud platform

When a new device connects to SolidBlue, mechanisms automatically ensure that the correct device is displayed to the user. SolidBlue contains many other functions that have been specially developed for you as a system installer or dealer, such as a ticket system with duty scheduling or document management to provide your customers with instructions. With SolidBlue, we provide you with a service that is ready for direct use.


Be inspired by our finished MELARECON solutions.

Full house control system for poultry

MELARECON PB is an extremely user-friendly and all-encompassing automation system for any type of poultry house, giving you complete control over all processes.

Climate controller for entire pigsty

MELARECON PDFV takes over the regulation and control for up to sixteen compartments. Complete control of all climate processes with just one control system. This computer also supports the natural ventilation in outdoor climate stables with the influence of external wind conditions.

Universal light computer

The MELARECON Lighting makes it possible to configure a wide variety of scenes from different lighting colors and to put them together appropriately using a daily schedule, depending on the age of the animals.

Latest News

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After the remodel

MELARECON is used in industry

We report on the successful implementation of a monitoring project using our MELARECON and the SolidBlue platform. In addition, the controller takes on control tasks and uses CANopen as a bus system to connect a wide variety of sub-distributions. By using schedulers and production templates, the system can now automatically make the appropriate preparations for the successful start of production.

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Dashboard of my office

From practice: Create process pictures

In this post, I would like to work with you to complete the dashboard from the previous post in this series. I will show you how to create process images and integrate them into our already created dashboard page.

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MELARECON loves S7 protocol

Integration of S7 communication

New application scenarios are made possible by implementing the S7 protocol. Target and actual values can now also be exchanged with a SCADA system or HMI device. The data provided on the S7 side can be configured via an interface.

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