Web-based visualization

SolidBlue enables the creation of web-based plant visualizations. It is possible to access all data points of a MELARECON both read and write.

Dashboard Views
Dashboard silos

Dashboard views help to get a quick overview.

Process screens
Process picture sewage treatment plant

Show different processes in pictures. This helps the operating personnel to better understand the processes.

Ventilation overview

Dialogs for setpoints and displays
Dialogs with settings

Intervention in the behavior of your system. A systematic arrangement of inputs and displays, which should also be optimized for display on a mobile device, is very important nowadays.

Cloud visualization already included

Unless otherwise requested, we always follow the cloud-first approach and create the web visualization for you for every MELARECON project. The created visualization projects can be assigned globally. This means that every new MELARECON device of the same type uses this global project and displays it to the system operator. However, global visualization projects can in turn be used as a template for a new project to make changes, adjustments or customer requests. This new and changed project can then be assigned to all your customers or to a single MELARECON.

Visualization projects can be assigned globally, to all your customers or to individual MELARECON devices. This allows you to realize your own customization requests and those of an individual customer.

Create visualizations using the developer platform

To create or adapt visualization projects, we have developed our own platform, with which it is very easy to create web-based and responsive visualization images using designer. You can use drag & drop to create your own process images, dialogs and menu navigation directly on SolidBlue without the use of additional software. This also greatly simplifies working in a team. HTML and JavaScript code is automatically created from the visualization images created with the Designer. This created code can in turn be edited and adjusted on the same platform. It is also possible to create and integrate your own CSS styles. Furthermore, external JavaScript resources, meta and link tags can be integrated in the head.

Create visualisation with designer

In the developer portal you can create your own visualization pages or implement special customer requests.

The system automatically creates client code from the visualization pages, which can be reworked again on the same platform. It is also possible to create your own CSS styles, integrate external JavaScript code using script import or set meta or link tags in the head.

Create a menu

It is possible to create a navigation tree in order to be able to call up the corresponding visualization images.

SolidBlue allows you to create your own dashboard elements. These can be freely placed by the user in his own dashboard.

Designing entire process images is easy with SolidBlue using drag and drop. It is also possible to animate process images. For example, a fan can rotate and change color when there is an operating message.

You can create your own shapes to use them multiple times in a process picture.

Creation of cross-device evaluations

SolidBlue can not only display and edit data from a MELARECON. The platform also serves as a data store. Measured values and consumption data are already automatically transferred to SolidBlue and stored in the customer’s database. Which measured values are to be recorded can be specified on the MELARECON using an Excel spreadsheet. But even more is possible: additional database tables can be created via the developer platform. The MELARECON can fill these tables with appropriate data, also through special entries in Excel tables. It is now possible to create corresponding evaluations for this data. Any user whose database contains the necessary tables can use the newly created evaluation.

Create tables

Create your own tables to store additional information in the customer’s database.

Extended management pages allow you to create your own reports. The information for the evaluations can be brought together from different tables. It is also possible to provide the user with appropriate filter settings, for example to be able to call up the data from just one system or part of a system.

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