With the digital output module, you can connect 16 relay contacts with just one 20-pin flat cable.

The individual relay contacts are suitable for both AC and DC voltage. The relay load capacity is 6A. The modules are simply connected to the MELARECON mainboard using a 20-pin flat cable. The connection terminals are pluggable and thus enable quick replacement in the event of service.

Count of channels16
Output voltageup to 240V AC / up to 30V DC 6A ohmic/inductive
Dimensions moduleWidth: 110mm x Height: 90mm
Dimensions DIN rail housingWidth: 120mm x Height: 130mm
Overview Features

Three modules can be connected to the MELARECON. This means that up to 48 digital outputs can be output. A lot of space can be saved for accommodating the modules in an electronics housing by stacking the individual modules.

MELARECON IO modules stacked
Space-saving installation of the modules possible by stacking.

Furthermore, the output module can be expanded with our manual control panel. This can, for example, be easily installed in the control cabinet door and thus each channel of the output card can also be provided with an H-0-A switch. For this is only another 20pol. Flat cable required.

Manual control panel 16-HBM in the control cabinet
Manual control panel 16-HBM in the control cabinet

The pin assignment has also been chosen so that this product is compatible with output terminals from other automation device manufacturers.

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