This special module allows the detection of load cells with strain gauges. Up to five cells can be connected to the module and their total weight recorded via the MELARECON. The supply voltage of the load cells can also be recorded in order to achieve even more precise measurement results and to be able to eliminate sources of interference and component aging.

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Weighing amplifier module for recording load cells.

On DIN rail housing

The modules are simply connected to the MELARECON mainboard using a 20-pin flat cable. The connection terminals are pluggable and thus enable quick replacement in the event of service.

Count of channels2
Input voltage1x -20..20mV; 1x 0..10V
Dimensions moduleWidth: 110mm x Height: 90mm
Dimensions DIN rail housingWidth: 120mm x Height: 130mm
Overview Features

Two modules can be connected to the MELARECON. So up to 2 weighing signals can be recorded. A lot of space can be saved for accommodating the modules in an electronics housing by stacking the individual modules.

MELARECON IO modules stacked
Space-saving installation of the modules possible by stacking.

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